Several years ago, after a 25-year career in radio broadcasting and freelance humor writing, I bravely decided to follow a completely different path for the rest of my rapidly passing life (because that’s what brave guys like me do). I’ve always been extremely interested in health, exercise and fitness, so personal training seemed like a perfect second career. Since earning my training certification through the American Council on Exercise, I’ve enjoyed helping people of all ages feel better, look better, and perform better.

Now that you know a little about me, allow me to explain why I started this blog.

I think it’s a shame to throw away old wood just because it’s outlived its usefulness as a fence, shed, barn, bench, treehouse, etc. Like the time-worn face of an old man, each piece of weathered wood is etched with the story of its life, and I think it’s a story worth telling.

After Mother Nature mistreats wood with blazing heat, soaking rain and freezing temperatures, I do my best to give it new life as a sturdy, functional, uniquely rustic creation.

Working with weathered wood can be a daunting endeavor. During years of exposure to the elements, wood can warp, split, fade and deteriorate. When you combine those natural disfigurements with man-made scars like nail holes, hammer dents, saw marks and traces of paint, you have a recipe for some challenging carpentry. Precisely fitting imperfect boards together is almost impossible, but it’s the imperfection of the process that makes each piece one-of-a-kind.

Some “reclaimed-wood” furniture looks like it was constructed of pristine new lumber. The finish might be flawless, but the wood’s uniqueness was planed and sanded away, and its soul ended up in a pile of sawdust on the workshop floor. I go to great lengths to preserve the wood’s hard-earned characteristics. If a board is slightly warped, discolored, or pitted, I’ll leave it that way. I won’t subject it to unnecessary cosmetic surgery. After undergoing a time-consuming finishing process, the final product is silky smooth and splinter-free, yet still retains nice tactile qualities. You can still feel the ridges, knots, nicks and gouges, which add character to each piece.

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