Back in December, when I picked up the broken pieces of a few large tree planters from the Broadway Lofts in downtown Fresno, I wasn’t sure how I would use them. Later I realized the tapered side panels, most of which were still intact, could be made into very unique tops for coffee tables.

When I made the coffee table in these pictures, I wanted to keep the tapered panel as original as possible, complete with nail heads, nail holes and gaps between the boards. The only structural change I made was adding an extra brace underneath to make the tabletop sturdier. The legs and leg braces are made from the beat-up 2×4’s that once held the planter boxes together.

The table was finished with several hand-applied coats of a durable satin finish that enhances the wood’s natural beauty. (The entire table was hand-sanded between coats.)

I have only a few of these panels, so if you’re interested in purchasing this coffee table or one like it for $175, please send me an email at

This item is available for pick up, or I’ll provide free delivery in the Fresno, California area. Delivery elsewhere in Central California is available for a reasonable charge based on mileage.

Buyer from outside of California will be responsible for choosing and paying a carrier for freight pick up and delivery.